How to sell real estate quickly and promptly

How to sell real estate quick
You have a house or apartment. While you are in need of money. The reason could be for medical treatment, investment in a new project, or you want to buy a more valuable property, or simply you are moving to a new place. A quick sale helps you quickly solve your goals, while leaving you time for personal and work. Of course you want that, right? Alan Duc Nguyen guides you through 3 simple ways to do it. Thousands of people have followed suit and they have succeeded. Don't hesitate. Let's do it now. These methods require absolutely no practice to be able to do. Let's find out together:
The first way:Advertise your real estate online
Step 1
Do you have a social media account? If not, that's okay too. Make yourself a new account in many different social networks such as: Facebook, tweeter, Instagram... Join real estate buying and selling groups, or groups with large members such as housewives. , learn to cook, massage, nail, hair, fashion...etc.
Step 2
Record a video of your house. Don't worry about expertise. You are not a professional videographer. You don't even need specialized equipment. What you need is a phone that can record videos. Take a video of 5 to 6 minutes, don't be too long. Filmed and presented the property with an emotional passion. It's your home, you know it. Note that you should also record the home address so that the buyer knows the exact location.
Step 3
Post that video to the groups you join. You can write a few words like: I need to sell an apartment, house at the location... Definitely your phone number and email too!
Step 4
Check emails, reply to them and answer the phone. Send satisfactory photos if customers are interested.
Okay. Did you complete the 4 steps?
It's simple right? You reach thousands of potential customers even while you are sleeping. Soon, your house will have a new owner. If you want to increase the speed, then continue with the second method.
The Second way: viral marketing
Word of mouth to acquaintances, neighbors, relatives, co-workers, generally everyone you know, even your boss. Don't be afraid. They are willing to help you. They help you is to help those 2 people. Homebuyers and yourself. Pick up the phone and make a call. On the day off or in the evening go talk to your neighbors. They will multiply your potential customers many times over. It's easy isn't it? All free. What if you still want to be even faster? Rub rub. So we're going to do the 3rd way too? No problem. Just down the line.
The 3rd way: Go to a real estate agency
Go to a real estate agency. Here they will get more customers for you. Of course you have to pay a fee. But do not worry. As long as you hit the target right?
Final. Alan Duc Nguyen wishes you to sell your house soon and solve the problem soon. If you found this article useful, please share it with as many people as possible. 
Thank you !
Respect and trust
Alan Duc Nguyen real estate expert
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